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Last Update: 21/Feb/2018
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Welcome (Selamat Datai) to the Web page Lubok Antu District Council!

I welcome Sir / Madam surfing the Web Lubok Antu District Council.

As a preamble to my message, I would like to inform that the Lubok Antu District Council is a Local Authority in Sarawak unique in terms of the location of its headquarters. Most of the people were confused with the position of this council headquarters because of its name. And for the public to get in touch with us, our headquarters is located in Engkilili which is about 34km from Bandar Sri Aman and have a small office in Lubok Antu, located about 85km from Bandar Sri Aman.

As a Local Authority, our main objective is to serve the community. And through this site we strive to create an atmosphere that can interact with the customer to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the service delivery system of the Council. Apart from that, through this website customers can channel their views and suggestions on the services provided by the Council. This step is also to ensure that there is a three-way communication system between the Council of the society, the community and the council and the community by the community.

Finally, I hope that this site will approach the Council with customers and can provide information about the services and activities of the Council. Hopefully this site will be best utilized by all parties for the common good.

Thank you.


En. Phang Joon Foong
Lubok Antu District Council